State Scientific Control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms (SSCIBSM) is a leading facility within the area of development, expertise, registration and re-registration and quality control of veterinary immunobiological preparations. The Institute was founded in 1998 on the basis of Kyiv subsidiary of State Scientific Control Institute for Veterinary Preparations and Feed Additives. For the present time the Institute numbers 68 specialists including 1 NAAS academician, 6 Doctors of Science and 14 Ph.D’s.

For the present time SSCIBSM is the single veterinary biotechnology institution performing registration trials of veterinary immunobiological preparations (as of national and foreign manufacturers) and state control of their quality.

Basis of the Institute activity is development of new and improvement of existing production technologies for veterinary immunobiological preparations (vaccines, sera, diagnostic kits, media, etc), approbation and study of biological preparations used in Ukraine, expertise, approbation and studies of national and foreign veterinary immunobiological preparations targeting their registration in Ukraine; deposit, maintenance, storage and supply of microorganisms strains for organizations and facilities producing biological preparations for veterinary branch, veterinary laboratories and scientific educational facilities.

Facilities functioning in the Institute:

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